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Live Animals - Non C.I.T.E.S

As professional Live Animals Exporter we specialize in Exporting Live Non C.I.T.E.S Animals from Egypt , You can always use Rahimko Masr Services Within The season Period Every year.

We Recieve The Orders Within Feb To March To Review and Give feed back of Availability .

Live Animals - C.I.T.E.S

As Experienced Live Animals Exporter we Also Have access To  Export C.I.T.E.S Animals from Other Countries . Any Time . – No Season Period Required – to Get Rahimko Masr Services .


Usually , After Giving Feedback of Availabilty , We Get 25% in Advance with Confirmation of the Order Quantites and The Desired Date of Getting the shipment . 

We are Open For Suggestions of Any Payment Methods You Prefere , Visiting Our Farms in Egypt is always an Option for you , As we said earlier , We are looking for a long term Business relationship . 

So We Build Connection… We Earn Trust … We Both Share Gains … So It’s Win Win .