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Uromastyx ornata exported by Rahimko Masr Co , Mahmoud Nasr

A Top 5 Egyptian Animals Exporter

Uromastyx Philby , By Mahmoud Nasr of Rahimko Masr Co, Egypt , live animals & reptiles exporter .

Let’s focus on revenues, more profits, A1 Quality Animals , Exact Spieces and simply just more peace of mind.

We are Rahimko Masr co, A Live Animals Exporter We export and import all kinds of animals from Egypt and Sudan, we can supply you with all what you need from our reptiles & mammals in any quantities you desire in good health and prices ( Whatever you can imagine), Our Shipments meets the IATA requirements. We are based in Cairo, Egypt But we are Well Connected to suppliers from so many African countries. Rahimko Masr Co - Egypt have been working In the field of exporting & importing reptiles for 20 years. Rahimko Masr Co- Egypt have a lot of references all over the world Who we supplied with the CITES & Non-CITES items from Egypt and from other countries before. If you are interested Feel free To ask for Our price List.
You're most welcome anytime to visit us in our Great Farms.


Our Mission is To Deliver The Finest Egyptian Animals to Those Who loves and Desires to own them as pets . We Want to supply the venomous Snakes & Scorpions to Bio Tech Companies in order to Help Saving people everyWhere .


We strive to Establish Long Business partnership @World Wide , To have a partner in Every Country .

Our Team

Founder / CEO

Walid Is Dealing with Animals for as long as he walks the earth , He is one of Tolba family ,Which is a famous family in the field of exporting live animals Since 1990 . 

Hunter / Animals Expert

Walid’s younger brother , But he is more interested in dealing with animals as it’s his passion . so he’s always eager to convert his passion to Gains. 

Co Founder/ Sales Manager

Mahmoud was good at Communicating with importers , Decent and always puts himself in your place , So he knows how you feel , He simply … Cares .